Environmental protection

Ethical Fashion

Online Guide to Ethical Fashion

What’s ‘ethical fashion’? You could say that it’s a type of catch-all term that covers a range of concepts and issues. The fashion industry is a profitable one for the most part. But it generally involves the exploitation of workers…

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Why is air pollution dangerous for humans?

Pollution is indeed harmful to the environment and can lead to dramatic problems. But that is not all. It also has a negative impact on our health. Indeed, city dwellers are the most affected by the high CO2 emissions found…

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How to protect nature and environment?

Environmental problems have become more and more serious. To save the planet, every inhabitant must reduce his or her ecological footprint and participate in various environmental actions. Here are a few examples of attitudes that are essential to protect nature….

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Borehole or spring water: how to analyse it?

Having your water analysed allows you to know its properties and quality. Numerous chemical tests are used to detect the components of spring or borehole water. It is up to you to choose an advanced or summary analysis method according…

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The number of endangered animals is increasing every year!

Did you know that in just over 100 years, the number of animals on Earth has been cut in half? This can be explained by a study published last year in the scientific journal Pnas, which even speaks of a…

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Organic fertilizers: How and when to use them?

For organic gardeners and farmers, it is essential to create living soil, rich in humus and nutrients, to grow quality fruits and vegetables, abundant flowers and perennial ornamental trees and shrubs. The overall fertility and viability of the soil, rather…

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