Why is air pollution dangerous for humans?

Published on : 06 May 20203 min reading time

Pollution is indeed harmful to the environment and can lead to dramatic problems. But that is not all. It also has a negative impact on our health. Indeed, city dwellers are the most affected by the high CO2 emissions found in large cities. Find out more about the harmful effects of air pollution on humans below.

Sources of air pollution

Today, air pollution is caused by a variety of factors:

The fumes ejected by industrial companies…

Combustion following the use of domestic heaters

Vehicle Exhaust Fumes

Fumes from burning waste


In addition, climatic conditions can also have an impact on the level of pollution. And the effects do not only affect humans, but also vegetation and animals. All suffer the consequences of air pollution. Similarly, the consumption of polluted water and food is also dangerous for humans.

Diseases linked to air pollution

Indeed, the people most vulnerable to air pollution are the elderly, children and smokers, as well as those suffering from allergies and cardio-respiratory diseases. Moreover, for healthy individuals, pollution can be a source of allergies, respiratory diseases (chronic coughs, respiratory discomfort, etc.), eye irritation, asthma triggers, dizziness, headaches, etc.

In some cases, it can lead to heart attacks such as strokes. However, the effects on the population are different depending on the body and the immune system. In addition, city dwellers are more sensitive to the risks associated with pollution, because in cities there is a high concentration of CO2 due to vehicle traffic and industry.

In the long term, exposure to polluted air can cause various diseases such as cardiopulmonary disease, cancer, reduced fertility, weakened immune systems and increased infant mortality. The environmental impact of pollution is also tragic: climate change, global warming, hole in the ozone layer…

But what are the solutions to reduce the risks?

First of all, for people at risk, it is strongly advised not to go outside during pollution peaks as they are more sensitive. Secondly, sporting activity should be avoided in places with high CO2 concentration and during peaks, as you risk having lung inflammation!!

Finally, it is also possible to wear anti-pollution masks. But it would be better to turn to masks controlled by organisms that provide maximum protection, even if they are more expensive.

In any case, in order to reduce the environmental impact of pollution, the population must limit polluting activities.